Life with Less Stress

Shutting Out the Negative


Feelings are often categorized as good or bad, but they can be misleading labels. A person experiencing feelings of stress might believe they are in a bad situation, but some stress can be good for a person. it might help them through the last few days of a major project as they feel the deadline approaching, or it could energize them to make positive lifestyle changes. While there are many times when stress can cause issues, shutting out the negative is not always necessary.

Minor setbacks in life can cause stress to build up in the mind and body, but they can also be used to spur a person on to taking positive action. Learning how to alleviate continuing issues that have a negative affect can create a more positive lifestyle. If a person always feels they are being left out of social situations due to being overweight, using those negative feelings to get them on a diet and exercise program that helps them shed unwanted mass can be a positive effect. Shutting out the negative in this situation could keep a person from improving their life.

Lifestyle changes are often due to negative feelings or comments by others, and they can be a motivating factor for those who have long needed to make changes. Rather than focusing on remaining in the same place, moving forward and sticking with a new lifestyle plan can become a way to use external motivation to get fit and healthy.

Negative feelings in life are often seen as wrong, but they can be useful at times. Making major lifestyle changes can be very difficult, but an external motivation can be a way to get started on them. Even making small changes at first can have enough of a positive effect to keep many people on the right road toward a more positive lifestyle.